Istanbul 2024 Olympic Games

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Istanbul 2024 Olympic Games

The Olympic Movement is the concerted, organised, universal and permanent action, carried out under the supreme authority of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), of all individuals and entities who are inspired by the values of Olympism. The heart of its work is bringing together of the world’s athletes at the greatest of sports events – the Olympic Games. Its symbol is five interlaced rings, representing the five continents.

The goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating young people through sport practised in accordance with Olympism and its values: excellence, friendship and respect.

Sport has been at the heart of İstanbul’s vibrant and varied cultural life for millennia. Always a proud supporter of the Olympic Movement, the National Olympic Committee of Turkey has contributed to the promotion of Olympism at home and abroad for 104 years. The passion of Turkey to host an Olympic Games has always been there; now, for the very first time, it is matched by capability. A world-class team of domestic and international experts are supported by a robust financial footing and a government that considers sport as the most powerful tool of development. Turkey is better placed than ever to realise its Olympic dream.


1. DELIVERY – a fresh market with proven event-hosting capacity


A fertile environment

• Every level of government supports İstanbul 2020. The Games Master Plan is perfectly aligned with Turkey’s long-term USD 4 billion National Sports Plan, launched as major bid initiative. President Gül, Prime Minister Erdoğan, the Minister of Youth and Sports and the Mayor of İstanbul have all identified the bid as a key strategic priority for the city and the country, and a key pillar of the 2023 Master Plan – the ambitious development programme culminating in the centenary of the Turkish Republic in 2023.


• Sport is enshrined in the fabric of Turkish society. The Turkish Constitution itself embraces basic principles of the Olympic Charter, reflecting a deep-rooted national belief in the power of sport to drive forward lasting and positive change. The Turkish Olympic Law was enacted in 1992, signalling the start of our Games aspirations; İstanbul 2020 is a culmination of a journey that has spanned five bids and over 20 years.


• It is the constitutional right of every Turkish citizen to access quality sports facilities and lead a healthy life. The Olympic and Paralympic Games will bring vital projects to the top of the national agenda and create a nation that lives and breathes sport. In November 2012, the National Government announced the investment of an additional USD1.77 billion investment to build 415 new community sports facilities and 24 stadiums, of which 215 projects are already in progress.


A budget that is realistic and empowering

• The Games will harness and direct the huge appetite for development and innovation in İstanbul. Significant investment across the city – including an annual average of $1.2 billion spent on transport infrastructure and many billions more on general infrastructure since 2004 – means the bedrock for efficient Games delivery is functionally in place.


• Resources have been allocated from municipal and national government budgets for most of the investments needed for İstanbul 2020. The Games Master Plan is tailored to meet the city’s most pressing needs. Additionally, crucial environmental remediation, historic preservation, accessibility for the disabled and internet connectivity plans will be reinforced and accelerated in the bid process.


• Turkey has a robust and resilient economy that continues to grow in today’s challenging times. Forecasted as the OECD’s second fastest growing economy from 2011-2017 , and with a sovereign credit rating upgraded to “Investment Grade” in 2012, the Turkish economy is well-placed to deliver the capital investment needed for the financing of the venues to be constructed for the Games.


A city primed for hosting the Games

• Turkey is increasingly viewed as a reliable host for premium sports events. İstanbul was the 2012 European Capital of Sport and can now draw on the experience and human capital of dozens of major international events in the last five years.


• Visited by 11.6 million international visitors annually – a 200% increase over the last decade – İstanbul is the world’s fifth most visited city, the fifth most popular tourist destination in the world and the seventh most popular congress city. The friendly and hospitable residents of İstanbul have the warmth and capacity to make the Olympic Family feel at home in 2020.


• İstanbul 2020′s bid structure has been designed with continuity in mind: the bid is being undertaken by the existing İstanbul 2020 Olympic Games Preparation Committee, overseen by the Olympic Council. This means that the organisations bidding for the Games are the same organisations that will deliver the Games, ensuring a smooth transition from bidding to hosting.


2.EXPERIENCE – a cinematic setting for the greatest show on Earth


An electrifying atmosphere

• Domestic polls have shown that over 93% of İstanbul’s population and 88% of the Turkish population support the idea of Turkey hosting the Olympic Games, and nearly 90% of İstanbul respondents and 87% nationwide believe that hosting the Games will positively affect the image of Turkey on the international stage. The Turkish people are passionate about the Games and athletes of every nation will be roared on in full arenas.


• Turkey has 20 million people under the age of 20 and nearly half of the population is under 25. The Games will channel all the energy, the buzz and the love for sport of Turkey’s youthful population into a single unforgettable celebration of sport.


A harmonious culture

• İstanbul 2020 offers the Olympic Family a historic opportunity to engage with an ancient country founded on a welcoming, hospitable culture. Turkey is a peaceful and secular democracy, where society mirrors the fundamental values of Olympism.


• Visitors to the city enter a melting pot of religions, cultures and beliefs. Europe and Asia blend over the Bosphorus and a new infusion of modernity and tradition waits around every corner.


• Sport is celebrated as a catalyst for social inclusion and cohesion in İstanbul; its role as one of the pillars of a harmonious society will be shared with the world in 2020.


A stage worthy of the spectacle

• From the shores of the Marmara Sea to the historic walls of the ancient city, from the banks of the Bosphorus strait to the Belgrad forest and the buzz of the vibrant modern quarter, the Games concept celebrates the very best of İstanbul.


• The Games will be shared across four Olympic zones spanning two continents in a compact layout that encompasses and integrates the city’s most iconic landmarks.


• The venues, renovated or new, will fit seamlessly into the flow and feel of the city, creating cutting-edge facilities amongst some of the most ancient buildings on Earth. They will embrace the history around them, making the city itself an integral part of the events.



3. Legacy


Profound impacts in İstanbul, Turkey and across the Olympic Movement


A bright future for sport

• The Games will reignite an entire generation’s passion for Olympism by mobilising Turkey’s youthful, dynamic population in support of the Games. Entrepreneurial and educational programmes will attract a new generation of ambitious young talent into the sports industry.


• İstanbul 2020 will reinvigorate Turkish sport from grassroots to elite level. World-class new and renovated facilities will meet a pressing social need and realise the government’s vision of providing free access to sports facilities for all.


• The Olympic Training Centre located at the heart of the state-of-the-art Olympic City will lay the foundations for realising Turkey’s enormous sporting potential and help translate the passion into long-term success.


A social impact that resonates worldwide

• The Games will transform İstanbul into a model city for the rest of Turkey to emulate and a best practice example of the profound social change that hosting mega-events can effect. For the 1.7 million people with a disability in İstanbul, the Games will accelerate the city’s journey towards becoming a barrier-free society.


• The preservation of historic sites and the regeneration of areas of outstanding natural beauty will combine with community education initiatives to restore the nation’s pride in its unique but forgotten treasures.


• İstanbul 2020 will embrace and embed cutting-edge sustainability principles at all stages of Games delivery and execution. Games delivery will be underpinned by a robust carbon management strategy, significant energy consumption and emission reduction measures and a responsible sustainable sourcing code .


A fresh market with endless possibilities

• İstanbul 2020 will connect the Olympic Family and its partners to Turkey and the Islamic world for the very first time. The IOC will have a historic opportunity to tap into the region’s proven passion for sport at every level: from a youthful population desperate for more chances to play and stay in sport, to world-renowned corporations which consider sport as the springboard to their next phase in development.


• The Olympic and Paralympic Village, the Media Village, the IBC/MPC and the port redevelopment plans will all bring a positive net revenue impact to the city by meeting the thriving, rapidly expanding economy’s growing need for accommodation and commercial facilities.


• The world will see the very best of Turkey in 2020. The Games will provide the captivating shop window the country needs to continue attracting inward investment and sustain this exhilarating period of growth.

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