Tourist Information Istanbul 2015

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Tourist Information Istanbul 2015

Language : Most common foreign language is English in Istanbul. You can easily find someone at the airport, touristic places, subways and museums.

Money : Turkish lira is the current money and it is almost half USD. You can use euro or usd but we recommend you to use Lira. Mostly shops and restaurants use low currency. Most of rates are written in Lira. Generally tourists use banks to exchange but change office rates are higher and you do not wait. Especially change offices around Grand bazzar and taksim, rates are higher.

Taxi : It is very easy to find a yellow cab in the streets but if you get them from taxi stations, you will be safer. If you forget smtg, you can easily call and check them. Taxi rates are more expensive than last decade. That is why, you read in a guide, it costs from Ataturk airport to Sultanahmet is 30 Lira. It is about 40-50 Lira nowadays.

Public transport : Bus destinations are mostly not touristic. You use generally Subway and Tram. They are not very crowded between 10:00 to 16:00. You can use tokens for each but if you buy an Istanbul card, you will pay half price.

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